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Passive Real Estate Investing

Your secure path to generational wealth

Do you feel stuck trying to accumulate wealth with stock investments and mutual funds? Is your financial future secure for your family? Are you looking for other reliable investment options to build wealth?

A lack of knowledge in how to successfully invest in real estate has been a disservice to investors everywhere. We have been through the challenges of real estate and have found a simplified process that works. It can work for you too.

Real Estate Investing Simplified

It’s always been our goal to make investing in real estate as easy as possible. For over 20 years, hundreds of busy professionals have trusted us to help them deploy hundreds of millions of dollars into qualified real estate investments.

Real estate is a tried and true asset class.

Our simplified process makes investing easy and stress-free.

Our investors move forward with confidence!

Track your results and build positive cash flow.

We manage everything so this is truly hands-off for the investor.

Feel secure knowing your financial future is stable.

Your Path to Freedom

Talk with an investor liaison so we can learn about you and where you want to go.

Together we’ll create a personalized plan to help you reach your investment goals.

Receive monthly updates to track your success.


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Success Stories

Hear from those who have found their path to freedom.

After having gone through several bad situations of being the “accidental landlord,” it has been a pleasure working with SBD Housing Solutions to grow my cash flow stream in a way that is worry-free. It allows me to focus my time where it has the highest ROI, within my dental practice.

Dr. Andy Baber

Oral Surgeon / Arkansas

Typically we micromanage our portfolio but the results we have found with SBD removes the “worry” or “fear” that normally comes with investing in real estate. We honestly spend 15-30 minutes a month working on our portfolio because we know everything is being handled correctly by the professionals.

Dwayne Saucier

Insurance Sales / Missouri

My two roadblocks to getting into real estate investing were lack of time and money. SBD has allowed me to continue working full-time as a chiropractor, have time with my family, and showed me how to use other people’s money to invest in real estate.

Dr. Ben Dohrmann

Chiropractor /Missouri

I invested in 10 homes over a 5-year period. From this portfolio, I have earned a double digit annual rental yield and the value of my portfolio has doubled. SBD has found the right recipe to enable investors to earn outstanding returns with minimum hassle.

Sadiq Gillani

Sr. Vice President / U.K.

Not only have we tripled our wealth in 10 years, SBD has provided the time, security and passive income for us to live the truly financially free life.

Graham Matthews

Retired Pilot / New Zealand

I am an out-of-state investor, and SBD was able to guide me through the entire process. All my properties have been cash flow positive since day one, but more importantly, I have been hands off since day 1 with the SBD team handling everything along the way.

George Reisch

Insurance Broker / California

Investing in Real Estate Made Easy

At SBD Housing Solutions, we know that those have found financial success still crave financial independence and to leave a legacy for their families. To build wealth, investments need to be strategically invested and diversified. This involves surrounding yourself with the right people to navigate the volatile investment waters.

For the longest time the real estate industry has done a poor job of catering to investors that want to buy and hold real estate long-term. It has been a very cumbersome process. Everyone wants to invest in real estate but there’s just no “easy button” to click. Only the savviest investors are investing in real estate, but we believe you should be able to invest in real estate too.

Until now, it has been complicated to get into the real estate game – juggling all the different vendors and contractors that you need to successfully navigate a transaction. That’s why for over 20 years hundreds of successful professionals have trusted us to help them deploy millions of dollars into qualified real estate investments across the U.S. We have guided them to avoid the pitfalls and mistakes that most real estate investors make – and we can help you too.

It’s simple to get started. Schedule a call, we’ll review your investments and create a strategic plan together and help you reach your goals through real estate. Call today so you can avoid the volatility of a one-sided portfolio and diversify into the most tried and true investment that there is – REAL ESTATE.

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