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Single Family Rentals

We purchase and remodel assets to garner top rental rates and place residents in the properties so that you enjoy a truly passive real estate investment.

  • Consistent monthly income
  • Tax depreciation
  • Property appreciation
  • Professional Property Management
  • Legacy transfer tax benefits
  • Scalable with leverage

$25,000 – $40,000

6.25% – 7.5%

SBD Housing is the market leader of single family rentals in the Midwest. We complete 200+ acquisitions per year. Since 2002, SBD has acquired over 1,500 homes and currently manages a portfolio of over 680 rental properties.

Our single family rentals offer a 6.5-7.5% cap rate, 14% cash return and $300 in monthly cash flow. Single family assets have historically proven to double in value in 20-25 years.

Expect to see high-quality finishes that include granite counters, stainless steel appliances and luxury vinyl tile. New windows, roofing, mechanical upgrades and durable paint create a desirable asset that will not only last longer but demand higher rental rates, too.

SBD offers to have a tenant in place at the time of sale and we offer a quality tenant guarantee. Rehab and maintenance warranties are included. And, SBD issues monthly performance statements.

Rental Properties for Sale

Talk to your Investor Liaison for a list of our current inventory.

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